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We’ll introduce our line of Yomel Rotary cutters

Our line is featured for the wide range of models. With machines that range from 1 thru 6.10 meter working width, we manufacture the most versatile line of rotary cutters in the market. Thinking of the different farmer’s tasks, we distinguish 2 different segments:

The Light Line (LT Line) is ideal for simple works of weeding. With 3-point hitch or trailed, according to the tractor; with rear iron support wheel, and height- regulation to compensate the imperfections on the terrain.

The Heavy Line (Line BR/BRL/BRD), is designed for more demanding tasks. It has a reinforced platform which provides the adequate resistance to face those conditions.

Regulating shoes in different positions and an easily replaceable iron skid.

Mechanic cutting height regulation system, (optional hydraulic for the remote control from the tractor).  Cutting height between 5 thru 45 cm.

For the models in the middle of the segment, the different versions also admit equipment that works with V rings and drive shaft transmission.

The largest rotary cutter of the line is the model Delta 6150, articulated, with a working width of 6.10 meters, trailed with central safeguard, designed especially for vast extensions. It provides excellent features and the highest performance even in the most severe working conditions.

Retractile lateral hydraulic wheels for reducing transport width.

Four gearboxes, one dividing  and three cutting gearboxes to obtain the best distribution of the input power.


Oscillating blades – Reversible of high-resistance forged iron to wear (when they wear on one side you the other can be used).

Gearbox with free turn  It allows the cutting system a free turn when there is a sudden reduction of the tractor RPM. The benefit is not to force unnecessarily the tractor’s PTO at the inertia of the cutting system.

Comer cardan shaft – (International quality and guaranteed factory spare parts). Robustness and durability.

Robustness and durability are features that have distinguished us for 43 years.