The machines we manufacture cover capacities from 360 liters up to 25.000 liters, with working width from 9 mts to 36 meters. All kinds of configurations: 3-point hitch or trailed, simple axle or tandem, corn or potato axle

Thinking about the varied universe of producers, we have developed a wide range of models which includes the following lines:

RSP Line
It belongs to the smallest segment of spreaders, and it is ideal for small producers. Light and agile, hitched to 3-point tractors.

ETO Line
This line presents a system of pendulous distribution and capacities of 600 and 1.050 liters. Its versatility enables it to be used for fertilizer spreading as well as for seeding with different types of seeds.

The models that compose this line have capacities of 600 and 1.050 liters. With 12 meter working width. With and accessory created to spread in a fruit line.

FA-FP 1.18
In this line, the loading capacity is 1.050 liters and the working width is 18 meters. It can be trailed or 3-point hitch to tractor.

Control Line and RD Line
This segment is composed of versions of 1.400, 2.000 and 3.000 liters. In configurations of 3-point, trailed (simple axle, tandem axle and directional tandem axle). With 24 and 36 meter working width.

Flex Line
These spreaders have been developed with plastic hoppers, a 1050 and 1300 liter capacity, and 18 and 36 meter working width.

The renewed Impala Line

The Impala fertilizer spreaders apply granulated and powdered fertilizers, with fixed or variable doses performing a uniform and accurate work. The hoppers manufactured in sheet or stainless steel, totally bolted. With dual disk distribution system, stainless steel vanes and disks. The dosage is of constant application, independent from the speed of forward movement.

The capacities for the different models are the following: 3.500 liters/4.000 kilograms; 5.000 liters/6.000 kilograms; 6.000 liters/8.000 kilograms; 8.000 liters/10.000 kilograms.

Additionally in this line, there are 2 models designed for the spreading of organics, with capacities of 4.000 liters, 6.000 liters y 4.000 kilograms, 8.000 kilograms.

The Impala Truck 25.000 self-propelled fertilizer spreader, the largest in the market. This equipment has a hopper of 15000 and 25000 liter capacity hopper mounted on a standard motor unity, with a minimum power of 250 HP and 6×4 traction. It gets up to 36 meter working width. Integrally manufactured in stainless steel to prolong its working life.

With 300 has hopper autonomy, and 650 has/day operating capacity, it is designed for big performances.

Fertilizer spreading computer for the dosage control (fixed or variable). Mapping lightbar guidance and electronic scales.

High floating tires which avoid soil compaction.

The most outstanding

Distribution systemEntirely manufactured out of stainless steel, disks as well as vanes.

Inner gridIt prevents the income of foreign bodies clustered in the dosage system.

Resistant hoppersPrepared to support high standards of corrosion, completely painted with furnace paint, or manufactured out of stainless steel. Folding: It enables a comfortable access for the operator to perform cleaning and maintenance tasks in the dosage system.

PrecisionWorking under known parameters, the profile of distribution keeps itself homogenous during the tasks, ensuring the quality of the application.

Applied technologyOur fertilizer spreaders from the 2000 liter capacity are equipped with precision agriculture equipment.

Robustness and durability are features that have distinguished us for 43 years.