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Tigra 3747


Baler of heavy bales with a dual pressing system, conventional and sided. Higher productivity since the width of the feeding input (55 cm x 30 cm with fixed double blade), has been designed to send big quantities of hay in the chamber, and produce more units of bales an hour. (Around 420 bales per hour)
The picking-up bin is 1.60 meter wide with transmission via belts, composed by 32 dual tines and 4 draw bars.
Press chamber moving on rollers. Piston length of the chamber, 75cm counterbalanced (saving power and enabling better pressing)
Equipped with two rows of twines and has capacity for storage 4 rolls of thread.
Reinforced low maintenance box, high resistance and low wear.

Size of the bales: 37x 47 cm up to 1.30 meter long
Required power: 40 HP

Mega Tigra 1270


Prismatic baler mechanically operated with high capacity of compaction and yield. It makes straw bales of up to 350 kg and hay of up to 480 kg. With an autonomy of about 60-80 bales an hour. The picking-up bin is of 2.20 meter wide with 2 side wheels to regulate picking up height. The piston runs at 48 hits per minute and it is pushed by a very simple lever system, which reduces the required power of work. With an independent hydraulic system which enables to start the cylinder regulating the pressure according to the material getting in. With 6 knotters and 3 fans. Equipped with a filming camera that enables to visualize the manufacturing of the bale and the knotting system.

Size of the bales: 1.20 x 70 cm up to 2.40 meters long.
Required power: 120 HP and PTO for 1000rpm.